'Songs from the Couch' Series beginning March 18, 2020

Beginning March 18th 2020, I will be setting up 2-3 shows a week on Stage It to raise money for those impacted by COVID-19. You can learn more and buy tickets by going to www.stageit.com/toddhurst 

Each show will start at 8PM CST and will be 30 minutes long. The goal is to not play the same song twice in the same week, sing some new songs, some unreleased songs, and songs written by others, while talking about the story behind the song. Every song has a story behind it, even if you didn't write it. 

I hope you'll join me. The ticket cost is a $10 suggested price, so this could be a free show for you. Tips can be made as well before, during, or after the show. I look forward to seeing you in the virtual world. 

Cheers - Todd