“Music tells a story that people can relate to throughout their life” 

That single sentence sums up Todd Hurst and his music.  Fresh off the heels of releasing his first EP, “Doin’ All The Wrong Things Right”, the Indiana native is now sharing stories of his life that crowds can relate to, while enjoying a cold beverage. 

Todd started playing music at a young age and has always been fascinated by the fact that he could place himself in the middle of any song playing on the radio.  Whether it’s George Strait to Eric Church, Tom Petty to American Aquarium, or everything in between, the stories and the melodies that music were raised on have always been relatable. 

With Todd’s first single, “Nineteen”, that is exactly what he wants listeners to feel when they hear the song .  “Anyone that has ever had a love, or a crush get away from them, can relate to the song” states the singer.  The rest of the EP isn’t much different, with songs like “Catch Up To You”, “Hollywood”, and the tongue in cheek “Blame It On The Whiskey”, the whole EP is a life story that anyone can claim as their own. 

With over 60 shows performed a year, Todd is quickly moving up the ranks in the music scene.  His show, night in and night out, displays his passion for the music and his love for the fans.  Bringing a level of energy comparable to a rock show with a little twang, Todd gives everything he has to his crowds every night.